Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Virtualization Market Global Industry Insights

Software defined networking (SDN) describes a network infrastructure in which the network control plane is decoupled from physical topology. SDN technology provides operators with quantity of advantages like elevated versatility and improved performance with simplified operations. Growing requirement for enterprise mobility is driving the requirement for cellular devices like smartphones, notebooks, and tablets to gain access to corporate systems. IT infrastructure is pressurized to configure these units in robust manner meeting the compliance standards and norms.

The program defined networking and network virtualization marketplace is broadly classified based on kind of solutions and finish user market. The answer segments of the market include cloud virtualization applications, Switching, controllers, and network virtualization security solutions. Finish user segment of SDN market includes cloud providers, telecommunication providers, and enterprise data centers.

Telecommunication providers in SDN market have found the methods to optimize the expense while increasing network efficiency of accessible systems. Simultaneously, this market is experiencing huge push from new forma of networking technologies which are comparably faster and simpler to handle. Software defined networking keeps growing like a major technology in the last couple of many years to address this trend.

Software defined networking may be the first available indisputable fact that has selected up significant market grip in recent couple of years. Fraxel treatments helps communication providers to redirect the network traffic and free the network congestion, thus leading to cost saving and driving the main business goals. As the software defined networking and network virtualization marketplace is at its developing stage, industry consolidation in not too distant future is anticipated to improve the adoption of the technology with concentrated messaging among enterprises.

The key and key options that come with SDN technology include logically centralized control plane like the network operating-system that facilitates logical mapping of network for controlling services and applications incorporated about this network. SDN offers the characteristics like slicing and virtualization of underlying systems. This selection enables logical manipulation of particular slice within the network by improving network versatility. Fraxel treatments offers infrastructural control of data centers and network operators by permitting superior optimization and personalization and reducing their overall capital and operational cost. A few of the major factors driving the development of SDN market include

Requirement for mobility

Take the own device (BYOD)

Dire requirement for decrease in carrier and knowledge center operating expenditure (OPEX)

Capital expenditure (CAPEX)

The worldwide marketplace for software defined networking is forecasted to develop and achieve the need for $2.11 billion through the year 2017 in the compounded annual rate of growth of 60.43%. The forex market is anticipated to develop progressively from being standard driven to some purpose of software development, and eventually revolutionizing the network utilization and achieving foreseeable. SDN technologies are likely to become highly influential in telecom and enterprise systems within the duration of 5 years.